Tissue Genesis, Inc.

Tissue Genesis, Inc. is an emerging high-growth company in the field of regenerative medicine, using a patient’s own cells to coat implants, repair damaged tissue, heal disease, and other uses. Tissue Genesis is leveraging its perfusion platform and expertise to deliver products to the tissue engineering market. Current near term applications include vascular grafts and wound healing using patients’ own regenerative cells.

Market Overview

The Regenerative Medicine Revolution
Until recently, physicians essentially had two options–pharmaceutical or surgical–for treating illness, disease or injury. Pharmaceutical solutions, while generally effective, are ubiquitously distributed throughout the body, and can sometimes create unintended side effects. Surgical solutions, using implanted medical devices can also be effective, but may lead to medical complications resulting from rejection of the foreign material by the patient’s immune system.

Thankfully, a third option exists today in regenerative medicine. Tissue Genesis’ technology isolates tens of millions of cells from the patient’s own body that
is believed to accelerate healing and
regenerate damaged tissue.

Human adipose tissue possesses an ample supply of stem cells, microvascular endothelial cells, and other cells. Advanced cell isolation and implementation techniques–such as the ones developed by Tissue Genesis–can unlock the regenerative cells enclosed in adipose tissue, which may re-establish blood flow and increase repair signaling, which promote faster healing.

Because Tissue Genesis’ adipose-derived cell therapy uses the patient’s own cells, the body should more readily accept the therapy; this will be a vast improvement over traditional surgical solutions employing materials foreign to the patient’s immune system.

Tissue Genesis seeks to advance tissue engineering and cell therapy solutions that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients with illness and disease. Our business strategy is to promote the use of a patients own adipose (fat) derived cells in repairing damaged tissue and coating of implants. These cells can be delivered in a wound dressing, or can be delivered to damaged tissue by means of a catheter or direct injection, such as injection into damaged heart tissue. These cells can also be coated onto implants, such as vascular grafts and stents. In addition to enabling these applications through its intellectual property, Tissue Genesis will manufacture operating room systems for the derivation of these cells from the patient’s adipose tissue during a medical procedure, leveraging the company’s versatile enabling platform technology, to add to the value chain for customers and their patients. Both our systems and these specific applications represent significant potential revenue streams for TGI.

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