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5th Annual Immuno-Oncology 360˚

New York, NY, United States

February 6–8, 2019

The Immuno-Oncology 360° Summit reports on the rapid advancements of clinical, scientific and business developments of IO in one setting for a wider range of cancers at an accelerated rate. Now in its 5th year, IO360° is a strategic-level meeting for decision-makers. Only together, as an engaged and interactive scientific community, can  hope to enable a patient’s immune system to eradicate cancer.

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IO 360° provides 10 plenary sessions over the course of 3 days addressing:

  • Discovery / Preclinical Science
  • Translational Science & Biomarkers
  • Cell Therapy
  • Clinical Data Developments
  • Clinical Operations
  • Imaging Aspects
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Business Aspects
  • Financial & Commercial Implications
  • Trends in the Field

The IO360° Summit reports on the most current data and rapid advancements to help IO stakeholders:

  • Be at the forefront of the most relevant research and developments from key leadership who are at the pulse of cancer immunotherapy
  • Foster collaboration amongst those working in all aspects of cancer immunotherapy together under one roof
  • Partner to expand technology platforms to develop therapeutics at an accelerated rate
  • Receive the latest pre-clinical, translational and clinical data from academic and industry
  • Identify and gain a greater understanding of what assets are available for potential combinations 
  • Create and prioritize strategies targeted toward specific tumor types
  • Hear from IO clinical trial leaders as they cover trial design, clinical operations, the latest outcomes and lessons learned
  • Get key investor and analyst evaluations and insights on the IO landscape, challenges, investment decision-making and what’s next
  • Learn about biomarker advancements in vaccines, imaging, neoantigen approaches and more
  • Obtain coverage on a wide range of emerging technologies

Participating Companies:

  • Agenus
  • Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM)
  • Amgen
  • ARMO
  • BeneVir, a Janssen Pharmaceuticals Company
  • BioCentury & BioCentury Innovations
  • Bloomberg Intelligence
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Citi
  • Columbia University Medical Center
  • Corvus Pharmaceuticals
  • Defined Health
  • Endpoints News
  • Genentech
  • GSK
  • IGM Biosciences
  • Imaging Endpoints
  • Janssen Oncology
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Medimmune
  • Merck
  • Mint Medical
  • Mitra Biotech
  • Mustang
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Nektar
  • New York State Center for Biotechnology
  • Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn
  • Q2 Solutions
  • Roche
  • Seattle Genetics
  • Torreya Partners



Key Dates:
First Early Bird expires 12/2/2018
Second Early Bird expires 1/6/2019
Third Early bird expires 1/21/2019

**ARM Member Discount**: ARM members receive a 20% discount off registration when you enter the code ARM20 into the “Discount Code” field when registering. The code must be entered exactly as noted above as the system will not recognize any variations of it.

Immuno-Oncology 360˚ is organized by the Conference Forum, a life science industry research firm that develops conferences primarily around how to get therapeutics to patients faster.

Kate Woda
1430 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
T: +1 646 350 2580 or