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BREAKING THROUGH: Delivering on the Promise of Gene Therapy


December 2–3, 2020

Join us on December 2-3 for the 2020 Gairdner Ontario International Symposium, Breaking Through: Delivering on the Promise of Gene Therapy. This event will explore the past, present, and future of somatic gene therapy research and practice in Canada and will feature:

  • Speaker sessions from Canadian and international researchers at the forefront of gene therapy research.
  • A panel discussion exploring the opportunities and challenges facing Canadian scientists, regulators, clinicians, decision makers and patients.
  • A presentation and Expert Panel discussion on the Council of Canadian Academies’ latest report, From Research to Reality and a closing panel discussion about the future of gene therapies and gene editing.

This virtual event is free of charge and accessible in English and French.

To find out more about this symposium, and to download the agenda, visit