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Global Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Congress


November 12–13, 2018

The fields of biomaterials and tissue engineering offer great opportunities for the advancement of human healthcare. Standing at the intersection of biology, engineering, and material science, together these areas of research promise to change the way injured tissues and organs are not only repaired but regenerated and rejuvenated.

Designed for experts in academia and industry working in this exciting field, this conference will examine cutting-edge research in several key areas across four dedicated tracks. Talks will look to cover the development of scaffold technology for both soft and hard tissues, and the novel biomaterials used in their construction, new platforms for Biofabrication, tissue culture techniques, advances in hydrogels in regenerative medicine, and recent developments in stem cell research. There will also be a track dedicated to the exciting developing field of organ fabrication, reviewing recent advances and challenges to be overcome.

With over 30 individual presentations and 200 expected attendees, this interactive meeting will allow you to keep up to date with the cutting edge of research and provides the opportunity to make connections with academics, investors, and businesses in your field.