We orchestrate the immune system to target oncogenic driver mutations to deliver transformative therapies intended to cure patients.

Affini-T’s co-founders have proven expertise in innovation for immune cell therapies, and our experienced management team is committed to advancing breakthrough therapies for patients. Our validated TCR discovery platform leverages synthetic biology and gene editing technologies, allowing our team to overcome key hurdles in cellular engineering that have prevented the field from developing therapies for solid tumor cancers in the past.

Utilizing a multi-pronged approach designed to safely and precisely target oncogenic driver mutations, we strike at the core of tumor biology. We deploy a significant toolkit of technologies to outsmart the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and generate a sustained anti-tumoral response.

We endeavor to remove barriers in drug production, scalability, and treatment accessibility, developing patient centric immune cell therapies to address even the most hard-to-treat cancers.

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