Amniotics, was born out of the discovery of a novel source of stem cells in full-term amniotic fluid. Based on a decade of research at the internationally recognized Lund University Stem Cell Center and Hospital, the company is pioneering the harvesting and propagation of tissue relevant neonatal quality mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). Researchers and founders of the company, pediatrician Marcus Larsson, obstetrician Andreas Herbst and stem cell specialist Niels-Bjarne Woods discovered a new type of stem cells in amniotic fluid that has unique properties for applications in regenerative medicine.

In 2019, the company raised 20 MSEK and in the summer of 2020 another 25 MSEK of venture capital was raised to fund the exploration and validation of our MSCs in preclinical models for lung disease as well as for the completion and process validation of the GMP manufacturing facility. Amniotics has been granted Manufacturing Authorization and Tissue Establishment in the fall of 2020. With a fully owned certified GMP production facility and patented processes, Amniotics is preparing for phase I/II clinical trials with its lung-relevant TAF-MSC (PulmiCell). 

We are actively looking to establish strategic partnerships with researchers and companies that are interested in developing stem-cell-based therapies targeting diseases with high unmet need.

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