Amplify Bio is a preclinical CRO built for the future on a foundation of experience that comes from our history as Battelle. We partner with clients to provide a single study or full IND enabling programs with a strategic focus on clients developing advanced therapies. AmplifyBio enhanced the core toxicology, safety, and efficacy capabilities offered with the addition of modified animal models, dose routes, and surgical techniques to meet the needs of advanced therapy clients. AmplifyBio has also invested significantly in bioanalytic capabilities for molecular and immunological assessments that complement in vivo work. The new labs include digital PCR platforms, spectral cytometry, in-vivo imaging, and improved immunological assay multiplexing ability to give a complete system picture of the drug’s function and characteristics at the preclinical stage. AmplifyBio will continue to add optimized platforms and analytics to enable our customers to accelerate and improve the product development cycle, from concept to commercial.

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