We are a biotechnology company focused on the emerging field of regenerative medicine.  Our core technologies center on stem cells capable of becoming all of the cell types in the human body, a property called pluripotency.  We plan to develop therapies based on pluripotent stem cells to treat diseases or injuries in a variety of medical fields, with an initial focus on the therapeutic areas of neurology and oncology.

Asterias acquired the stem cell technologies, intellectual property and related therapeutic cell banks relating to Geron Corporation’s cell therapy programs. These assets included five therapeutic programs with animal proof of concept.  These therapeutic fields include, the field of neurology with our AST-OPC1 product (OPC1), the field of oncology with our AST-VAC1 (VAC1) and AST-VAC2 (VAC2) products, and the fields of orthopedics, cardiovascular medicine, and diabetes. The OPC1 product was tested in the world’s first Phase 1 clinical trial using hESC derived cells for treatment of spinal cord injury.  Our initial focus is on the continued clinical development of OPC1 in spinal cord injury, and initiating clinical testing of our VAC2 product in lung cancer.

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