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Avita’s patented regenerative technology harnesses the body’s intrinsic ability to heal itself and packages it into an easy-to-use bedside kit that improves outcomes for the patient, provides a simple and efficacious treatment option while reducing morbidity for the surgeon, and significantly decreases patient care costs to the healthcare system.

Avita has revenue-generating products in the market addressing both medical and aesthetic indications as well as a clinical pipeline of high value products and an established platform capable of delivering further regenerative medicine products in the future.

The Company’s patented and proprietary flagship product, ReCell® Spray‐On Skin™, is a highly innovative and ‘disruptive’ technology addressing the needs of the chronic wounds, burns, plastics, dermatological and aesthetic markets.  ReCell has been well received with over 4,500 patients treated to date and is generating early revenues.

The company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Visiomed, has additional products in the respiratory market which are sold through specialty distributors and royalty agreements, providing a high margin, secure revenue stream.

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