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AVM Biotechnology is developing breakthrough cell therapy-enabling technologies for regenerative medicine, cancer cellular immunotherapies (CAR-T, TCR, TAC/NK cells) and iPS cells for patient-specific biologic manufacturing.

In regenerative medicine, ‘AVM0703’ a patented novel formulation of a repurposed small molecule transiently and safely inhibits cell accumulation in the spleen, dramatically increasing cellular engraftment by 30-fold and clinical outcomes. We will initiate a Phase II trial in the US in 2018 with bone marrow-derived stem cells for osteoarthritis.

For cancer cellular immunotherapies, AVM0703 provides receptor-mediated non-toxic lymphodepletion and can be used to replace chemotherapy preconditioning, such as fludarabine and cyclophosphamide. It lymphodepletes via receptor mediated apoptosis, increases IL-2 and IL-15, spares neutrophils, platelets, RBCs, HSCs and MSCs, and does not increase IL-6 nor cause a redistribution of lymphocytes to the bone marrow, spleen or thymus.

We also have a patented technology to use iPS cell produced fully human and patient-specific biologics for personalized medicine.

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