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Greater Philadelphia is a world leader in the emerging discipline of Cell and Gene Therapy, and the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia (The Chamber) is leveraging this status by leading a focused multi-year effort under the banner of the Cell & Gene Therapy and Connected Health Initiative, focused on the following:

• Generating greater economic productivity and inclusive growth in the 11-county Greater Philadelphia region;
• Promoting and accelerating the commercial successes of the region’s leading scientists and entrepreneurs;
• Enabling local professional services firms to tap into the business development potential of this sector;
• Attracting additional investment capital, and
• Growing talent, expertise and enterprises in the region.

In addition, Greater Philadelphia is a leader in the field of “connected health” that uses digital technology for enhancing the delivery of high quality healthcare via streamlined clinical care, data and records, and patient and care giver communications. Advancing our region’s capacity and global recognition in both of these disciplines will yield immense competitive advantages.

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