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Cellino is building the leading precision platform to scale personalized stem cells and therapies, with the goal of unlocking regenerative medicine for hundreds of millions of patients.



Cellino’s proprietary platform combines label-free imaging and high-speed laser editing with machine learning to automate cell reprogramming, expansion, and differentiation in a closed cassette format, enabling potentially thousands of patient samples to be processed in parallel in a single facility.


Stem cell-derived regenerative medicines are poised to cure some of the toughest diseases within this decade, including Parkinson’s, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration and heart disease. Patient-specific cells potentially provide the safest, most effective cures for these indications. However, current cell therapy manufacturing processes are not scalable due to extensive manual handling, high variability, and expensive facility overhead. Cellino’s vision is to make personalized regenerative medicines viable at large scale.

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