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From deep academic roots, our pursuit for detecting the rare and critical immune cells ex vivo led us on a unique adventure to meet the challenges of elevating the ELISPOT technique to an exact science and help transform it to the only robust and validated T cell diagnostic tool for immune monitoring that it is today.

CTL’s Laboratories has over 20 years of expertise in immune monitoring with emphasis on T cells. We have established procedures for cell cryopreservation and sample logistics that preserve the full functionality of T and B lymphocytes, from the initial blood draw to centralized testing. We have a well-established track record of success with the most challenging immune monitoring projects providing customized solutions ranging from early phase development to assay validation, and GLP-compliant high throughput clinical sample testing.

ELISPOT is the most sensitive assay for immune monitoring that also can be validated for GLP-compliant work. ELISPOT assays lend themselves for clinical trials because they require about one tenth of the cell material as flocytometry-based assays.  In addition to offering contract ELISPOT testing in CTL-Laboratories, our ImmunoSpot® platform provide all around ELISPOT:  Analyzers that enable scientifically validated, objective and transparent measurements with audit trails,  test kits, and test media, as well as assay consultation.

The BioSpot® platform enables 21 CFR Part 11 and GLP compliant readers for most bioassays that have relied until recently on visual evaluation. These assays include: viral plaque (PRNT, FRNT), ICA, PFU, CPE, bacterial and stem cell colony counting, SBA/SBT, OPK/OPA, and other test that rely on morphometric read out. Well formats range from 384 to Petri dish with high throughput automation for each.

CTL’s cryopreserved PBMC library is an easy to access source for fully functional human PBMC available worldwide. ePBMC® are cryopreserved to maintain full functionality after thawing. They are available as uncharacterized or high resolution HLA-typed with T cell reactivity to specific antigens characterized. With up to 1,000 vials and 10 million cells per vial frozen from one single collection timepoint for each donor, ePBMC® is a practically unlimited source of identical cells that are ideal for assay development, and validation, can function as reference samples, and are suited for high throughput testing. No IRBs are needed!

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