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Chimeric Therapeutics is a clinical stage cell therapy company focused on bringing the promise cell therapy to life for more patients with cancer. We believe that cellular immunotherapies have the promise to cure cancer, not just delay disease progression.

To bring that promise to life for more patients, Chimeric’s world class team of cell therapy pioneers and experts is focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of the most innovative and promising cell therapies.

Chimeric is currently developing a portfolio of 7 novel T cell and NK cell derived autologous and allogeneic therapies across 9 different disease areas in oncology.

Chimeric currently has two phase 1 clinical trials in progress and recently presented promising early phase 1 clinical data in Glioblastoma with its CHM 1101 autologous CLTX CAR T cell therapy and in hematological malignancies with its CHM 0201 allogeneic NK cell platform.

Chimeric Therapeutics is listed on the ASX under ticker symbol CHM.

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