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Cognate Bioservices is a fully-integrated contract bioservices organization providing the highest level of scientific and management expertise.
Cognate provides full development and cGMP manufacturing services to companies and institutions engaged in the development of cell-based products.

The combination of highly experienced staff, cGMP facilities and international track record makes Cognate one of the most experienced contract manufacturers of cell based products in the world today.

Cognate – Your Commercialization Partner

Cognate is a dynamic, results-driven, organization focused on providing the broadest range of commercialization services to regenerative medicine and advance cell therapy companies, organizations and institutions. Cognate provides specialized custom services to companies across all points of clinical and commercial development ranging from early preclinical studies, to mid phase trials and product scale-up  though later stage clinical trials and commercial manufacturing . Cognate applies the know-how and expertise of its business, scientific and technical teams to successfully develop biotechnology products across multiple cell-based technology platforms from start to finish.

Cognate can hit the ground running at virtually any developmental stage, starting with a gap analysis tailored to the customer’s developmental stage. Whether the client needs planning, and/or analysis of preclinical packages, a cost-effective solution for product development and clinical phase planning, product characterization studies, or validation and testing of established processes, we can seamlessly and rapidly help you achieve your milestones. From a commercialization focus, we can then rapidly integrate upstream work into your locked-down manufacturing process, resulting in a quicker time to market. Our international manufacturing experience will help our clients navigate the demanding developmental requirements for cell-based and regenerative medicine products and technologies across the globe, translating to early achievable commercial and/or developmental milestones.

Our goal is to support our client’s efforts in bringing their product as quickly and safely to the patient as possible, with the highest quality achievable.

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