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Arising from New York Blood Center Enterprise’s mission to advance the life sciences, Comprehensive Cell Solutions (CCS) is a full-service CDMO offering process development, cell sourcing, cryopreservation, cGMP, and fill/finish​ for cell, gene, and regenerative therapies.

Decades of whole blood and apheresis collections have laid the foundation for excellence in cell procurement, enrichment, and expansion of key cell types, including stem cells derived from our cord blood bank, the largest in the world. CCS serves academic, preclinical, emerging biotech, and pharma clients, solving their unique manufacturing challenges with access to quality cellular starting material, R&D support, and technical expertise.

Prior to planned expansion to its Rye, NY facility in 2025, CCS maintains its headquarters at the organization’s Center East location, with convenient access to the world renowned academic/hospital corridor on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

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