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ConeSight Therapeuticsis dedicated to development of cell-based therapies for treatment of blinding diseases. The company’s first product, a cone progenitor cell therapy (ConeProRx), was discovered in the lab of Michael Young PhD, the company founder, at Harvard Medical School. Marie Csete MD, PhD was hired in 2021 as CEO to advance the therapy into clinical trials. Based on compelling data showing a scalable manufacturing process that yields highly pure, viable CPC; and unprecedented efficient regeneration of cones in three rodent models, with vision restoration, the company is planning its first clinical trial to open in 2 years. The first clinical target is cone-rod dystrophies, taking advantage of optimal matching of disease to the CPC product, with plans to rapidly advance into rod-cone dystrophies, and then to age-related macular degeneration. A Series A funding round is being initiated to take the company through this first cone-rod dystrophy phase I/IIa clinical trial.

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