The ERA Consulting Group is one of the longest established and most experienced consulting groups serving the biopharmaceutical industry.

Our emphasis is on consulting relating to quality, nonclinical and clinical aspects, both from the perspective of development strategy and regulatory requirements. Biopharmaceutical products and biomarkers are our particular speciality. ERA has the knowledge and experience to assist at all stages of product development, from conception to registration, and beyond.

Our expertise covers a wide range of products (around 400 products to date), including products of recombinant DNA and hybridoma technology, synthetic peptides, conventional and advanced vaccines, classical blood products, advanced therapy medicinal products comprising gene therapy, somatic cell therapy and tissue-engineered products. ERA is also competent to consult on innovative new chemical entities, particularly those indicated for neurological, oncological and immunological diseases. Last, but not least, the ERA team includes specialists for companion diagnostics and biomarkers, offering dedicated services in this cutting edge field.

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