Froceth was started in 2014, after combining the knowledge and long-standing experience of qualified biomedical doctors, molecular biologists and biotechnologists, and establishing an adipose tissue bank. Today Froceth is the first and only biotechnology company in Lithuania manufacturing advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) individually for each patient by using their own tissues and cells. Froceth seeks to create, develop and manufacture novel cell-based medical therapeutic products that give promise to a better treatment. Also to be leading innovative research & development and advanced therapy medicinal products manufacturing company providing services internationally.
Currently Froceth manufactures cell-based products applied in the field of oncology, autoimmune disease treatment, and tissue regeneration. Contract manufacturing for investigational ATMP’s is also an area of expertiece. Froceth, equipped personnel with 15 years of experience, continually keeps investing in research related to the production and development of new medicinal products for the use in advanced therapies, with the aim to expand the field of personalized therapy in Lithuania and Baltic region.
Froceth vigorously participates in projects in collaboration with domestic and foreign biotechnology companies, tissue banks, universities and other scientific institutions from different European countries.
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