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We are a late-stage stage biotechnology company developing immunotherapies for multiple cancer indications. In 2008, Gradalis founders had the foresight to see the need for a more effective solution to treat cancer, one that uses the patient’s immune system to target the entire tumor. Based on multiple clinical studies, Gradalis has developed an oncology platform that decloaks the full repertoire of a patient’s tumor antigens, reactivates the immune system, and summons key effector cells to deliver a durable clinical response. When combined, these are a powerful Trifecta of anti-cancer activities, potentially eliminating even the elusive metastatic cells, and as shown in Phase 2 clinical studies in ovarian cancer, a potential gamechanger in oncology. In addition, multiple clinical trials have demonstrated that Gradalis’ platform is better tolerated compared to standard cancer treatments. This is not a surprise since Vigil uses the patient’s immune system operating with its natural state of balance rather than in an artificial overdrive as with some technologies. We are currently going through the process to commence a Phase 3 registration trial.

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