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Histogen, Inc. is a regenerative medicine company developing innovative therapies based upon the products of cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions. Histogen has developed a rich product portfolio from one core technology process that fulfills market needs without containing embryonic stem cells or animal components.
The purpose and focus of the Company is on the research, development, and manufacturing of products derived from the Company’s core technology. Histogen’s proprietary technology process mimics the embryonic environment, including very low oxygen and suspension, encouraging newborn cells to naturally produce vital proteins and growth factors that are characteristic of young, rapidly developing tissue, and which can stimulate stem cells in the patient’s own body to regenerate new tissue. Using this proprietary tissue-engineering platform, Histogen has created products that offer unique commercialization opportunities.


Histogen, Inc. was founded in 2007 to develop products utilizing the proteins and growth factors produced by cells grown under simulated embryonic conditions, as well as continue vital research. Histogen is incorporated in the State of Delaware, with headquarters and research facility in San Diego, California.
Dr. Gail Naughton is a respected scientist with extensive experience in the field of tissue engineering. Naughton discovered the potential of proteins and growth factors produced by hypoxia-induced multipotent cells for therapeutic and biomedical applications, and developed Histogen’s unique technology process to create products based on these proteins. The technology is protected by two distinct patent families filed in the US and Europe.

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