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ImmuneBridge is creating a platform of scalable allogeneic immunotherapies for cancer. Our proprietary technology, including a novel small molecule, expands cord blood HSCs over 100,000-fold while maintaining full immune multipotency, with the ability to differentiate into cell types including NK cells, T cells and macrophages. Our near term goal is to validate the economic and clinical benefits of our expansion technology by taking an expanded-HSC-derived NK cell to clinical trials for hematological malignancies. Our broader vision is to use our ability to generate an abundance of modified and unmodified immune cell types from a variety of cord blood donors to generate a pipeline of products for solid tumor indications with unique combinations and phenotypes of immune cells. Our agile and flexible allogeneic platform reduces costs of discovery and manufacturing, expanding commercially viable indications for cellular immunotherapy and enabling rapid iterations of abundant therapeutic cells across the immune spectrum.

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