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Invitrx Therapeutics Inc is a leader in birth tissue research and pioneers in the field of regenerative stem cell therapies. Invitrx was established through wound healing funding in 2003 by CEO Habib Torfi. In this time, Invitx has grown as an innovator of stem cell products. Based off the findings of their Reluma stem cell cosmetic product, research has spread to amniotic stem cells, cord blood stem cells, placental stem cells, and Wharton’s jelly stem cells.

To continue to innovate, a new seven-million-dollar facility is being opened in Lake Forest, CA, with a grand opening on July 14th. This facility will include three clean rooms, a flow cytometry core, and ultracentrifuges.
These resources will push for exosomal research. Daily publishing in renowned journals illuminates the age of exosomes. These minuscule molecules have the potential to attenuate diseases and possibly improve the quality of life for millions of people.
Invitrx hopes to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis and eliminate opioid dependency

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