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iVexSol (intelligent Vector Solutions) Inc., is a Massachusetts-based viral vector manufacturing company founded on the discovery of how to uniquely produce stable lentiviral vector (sLVV) producer cell lines for a given gene of interest. This enabling technology facilitates the rapid, cost-effective, and reliable production of virtually unlimited quantities of lentiviral vectors (without using plasmids) to meet the demand for today’s life-changing cell and gene therapies.

iVexSol’s technology improves patients’ lives by accelerating biopharmaceutical manufacturers’ time to market by providing a reliable source of high quality/titer vector at a fraction of the scale and time of current manufacturing methods. Our ability to thaw a vial from a client’s cell bank and generate large quantities of vector also significantly reduces batch-to-batch variability and COGs, while greatly increasing patient access to cell and gene therapies.

iVexSol is backed by more than $39 million in investments, with corporate headquarters in Lexington, MA.

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