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Key Biologics, LLC (Key) provides biological materials to cellular therapy and regenerative medicine researchers around the U.S., and into Europe, Asia and Australia. Products are collected under Key’s proprietary, IRB-approved, protocols from normal healthy subjects and used for pre-clinical research, process development, development of in vitro diagnostics, to support clinical trials, and for further manufacturing into commercial clinical products. Key also has an approved protocol for collection from patients with hematologic malignancies. All product collections and product manipulations are performed at Key’s site in Memphis but additional collection sites will be added soon.

Products include whole blood and its components, apheresis-collected platelets and MNC products (with or without G-CSF administration). Patients’ collections are non-mobilized. Plerixafor mobilization and bone marrow collections will be initiated in 2018.

Products are shipped without further processing or processed in accordance with a customer’s requirements prior to shipment. Processing includes peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) separation from whole blood and other leukocyte-rich raw materials, and immuno-magnetic bead selection of cells.

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