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Kiadis Pharma is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative and potentially life-saving therapies for blood cancer patients where pharmacological standard of care is no longer an alternative. The Company’s main focus is on the development of a cellular therapeutic that will enable partially mismatched donor stem cell transplants from family members in blood cancer patients, thus making them safe and available as the last potentially life saving option. Stem cell transplantation is currently the only potentially curative treatment available for late stage blood cancer patients; however, a standard of care matching donor is only available for half of patients who are progressing with radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

The Company’s lead product ATIR™ addresses the shortage in availability of matched donors by enabling a stem cell transplantation from family members who are only partially matched (“haploidentical”) to the patient. ATIR™ is a cell-based medicinal product that, when administered as an adjunctive to a haploidentical stem cell transplantation, facilitates early immunesystem recovery without causing life-threatening Graft-versus- Host-Disease (GvHD), a process by which the patient is attacked by its newly transplanted immune system. The Company is currently sponsoring an international Phase II clinical study for ATIR™ to confirm and extend earlier positive Phase I/II safety and efficacy data. Kiadis Pharma is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and works closely with renowned centers in Europe and North America. The Company is supported by a consortium of leading international biotech investors, including Life Sciences Partners, DFJ Esprit, Alta Partners, Quest for Growth, NOM and MedSciences Capital.

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Our Company Fact Sheet is available for download here.

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