Lynch Biologics (LBIO) is a biotechnology company whose mission is to build the world’s premiere regenerative medicine company, improving the lives of patients by enhancing the body’s healing and regeneration potential. This mission will be achieved through commercialization of innovative biologics, biomaterials and stem cell therapies acquired via M&A, licensing and internal R&D.  LBIO’s internal product platform is based on recombinant production of the body’s main natural wound healing protein, platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF) manufactured under strict GMP compliance with a higher degree of purity and potency than has been heretofore available.  This rhPDGF may be used to improve the growth rates of STEM cells during their production process, or delivered in advanced biomaterials that also guide tissue regeneration directly to the site of injury.  This is a proven technology, having already been FDA approved in three indications for improving skin, bone and dental tissue healing.

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