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Minerva Biotechnologies

Minerva Biotechnologies

Minerva Biotechnologies is performing a 1st-in-human Phase I/II trial of CAR-T cells for metastatic breast cancers. Efficacy has been measured even at the lowest dosage. To date, no adverse events attributed to the therapy.

Targeting head of the CAR is an antibody that binds to an ectopic site on cleaved MUC1; site is only exposed after cleavage and release of tandem repeat domain. The cancer specificity of huMNC2 is essentially unsurpassed, with little to no binding to normal tissues. No therapeutic tested in humans has ever targeted this novel growth factor receptor that is aberrantly expressed on over 75% of all solid tumors. This cancer specific MNC2 antibody is now being incorporated into an ADC.

A cornerstone of Minerva’s cancer research has been the parallel study of mechanisms that underlie stem cells’ ability to limit self-replication and cancer cells ability to override this shut-off switch to self-replicate forever.

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