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Minovia Therapeutics is a clinical stage company and the first to use a cell therapy approach to treat patients affected with mitochondrial diseases through its Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology (MAT) platform. MAT is being developed as a robust and scalable therapeutic platform targeting the root cause of diseases generated by mitochondrial dysfunction. The lead product, MNV-201 is composed of autologous hematopoietic stem cells enriched with healthy allogeneic mitochondria. Minovia’s initial clinical focus is on rare mitochondrial diseases for which there are no approved treatments in the United States and the unmet medical need is immense. After completing an IND enabled phase I/II clinical trial in Pearson Syndrome, a fatal pediatric disease, Minovia is planning to accelerate the clinical development for Pearson Syndrome and expand the pipeline to other Hematological/Mitochondrial-related diseases. Harnessing the power of mitochondria, Minovia is committed to exploring the full potential of its proprietary platform to address mitochondrial diseases ranging from orphan indications to more common and age-related diseases.

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