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MonarchBio is a life sciences company focused on commercializing next generation cell therapy and regenerative medicine products based on its Thin Film Nitinol (TFN) technology platform.

MonarchBio’s lead product, developed in collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, is a unique platform for local delivery of cell therapies treating solid tumors. The so-called Engineered Lymph Node (ELN) uses a bioactive thin film mesh to deliver cell therapies directly to the site of the tumor.

MonarchBio believes that this approach solves some of the key challenges for cell therapies in solid tumors by delivering ultra-high cell densities directly to the site of the tumor, and then providing a stimulatory micronenvironment to encourage proliferation of the engineered cells and sustained killing of the tumor. Pre-clinical testing of this approach at Fred Hutch has demonstrated significant efficacy advantages in 5 different animal models of solid tumors.

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