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Niba Labs is a spin-out of National Institute of Biology, Slovenia.
Our team excels in development of nucleic acid quantification assays, especially dPCR-based. We have supported and are still supporting several companies from the gene therapy field, such as AveXis (Novartis Gene Therapies) and Sio Gene Therapies, in their method and process development.
We are well known for developing quantitative assays targeting specific regions of any kinds of nucleic acid constructs. Additionally, we can also develop custom advanced multiplex approaches that can help evaluate sequence integrity.

Our capabilities currently include the following analytical techniques:
• Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) – We can perform different pre-treatments & we can determine the packaged sequence and impurities.
• Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) – We can see the general structure of the particles, determine empty/full ratio, observe aggregation and any other non-soluble impurities
• digital PCR for viral vector genome quantification – we can use generic assays targeting common regions (e.g. ITR, CMV promoter, GFP,…) or we can develop assays for your specific gene of interest, which you can later use for release assay. Besides development, we can also perform qualification and validation of the developed assays, if needed. Moreover, we can develop construct specific advanced multiplex assays to evaluate genome integrity.
• digital or real-time PCR for quantification of any other nucleic acid of interest – we can develop and qualify assays to quantify any target of interest
• Capsid ELISA
• host cell protein ELISA
• host cell DNA qPCR

We are recognised for swift response, short turn-around times and excellent quality of work.

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