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Established in 2013, Novadip Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical company founded to design, develop and bring to the market innovative stem cell-based therapies adapted for regenerative medicine. Novadip pioneers the growth of 3-dimensional tissues derived from adipose-derived stem cells to regenerate hard and soft tissues. NVD-001 and NVD-003 are revolutionary and ready-to-use 3D osteogenic structures that can be modelled to fill large and small bone defects in orthopaedic surgeries (spine and maxillofacial surgeries, pseudarthrosis, osteonecrosis, consequences of osteoporosis, vertebral fractures etc). The technology has also been used to develop a second family product in the portfolio, NVD-002, a biological bandage designed to promote wound healing and to avoid formation of painful scars or unsightly scars resulting from a range of diseases, infections or injuries – such as ulcers, diabetes or burns – that do not heal as expected.

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