Orthocell is an Australian regenerative medicine company dedicated to restoring mobility and regenerating soft tissue. Founded in 2006, Orthocell provides new approaches to the regeneration of tendon, cartilage and the repair of soft tissue injuries.

To date the company has successfully developed and commenced commercialisation of two autologous (using a patient’s own cells) cell therapies for the treatment of damaged and degenerated tendons (Ortho-ATI®), as well as damaged and degenerated cartilage (Ortho-ACI®). Orthocell has also developed, and is readying for registration, a collagen scaffold product (CelGro®) for the repair and reconstruction of soft tissue injuries, such as tendon tears and guided bone regeneration in dental and orthopaedic applications.

Orthocell is led by an experienced board and management team, which have been responsible for the development of the business. They have a successful track record of developing and commercialising new therapies that transform patients’ lives.

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