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panCELLa is an early-stage biotechnology company in Canada’s healthcare sector. panCELLa has created a platform that allows for the development of universal, cost-effective, “off the shelf” FailSafeTM Cells and assists pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to achieve this with their own cell lines.

panCELLa currently offers two solutions to cell therapies:

IACT Stealth Cells use 8 transgenes that target innate and adaptive pathways giving cells “weapons” to defend themselves from immune system attacks. It does not require immunosuppressive drugs or patient-specific cell lines.

FailSafe precisely control undesirable deregulated cell division/mutations by linking a drug inducible suicide gene tightly to cell proliferation.

Our mission is to provide FailSafeTM Cells for the treatment of degenerative and malignant diseases
in order to accelerate and generate safe therapeutic cell therapies to a broad range of diseases. In other words, panCELLa seeks to provide a global cell line that will be safe for all humankind.

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