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Quad Technologies’ mission is to develop disruptive bioprocessing solutions within cell and gene therapy. We leverage the potential of our proprietary dissolvable hydrogel technology, called Quickgel. Quad Technologies is disrupting cell therapy workflows by providing cell therapy manufacturers with a simple, cell-friendly capture and release technology for T-cell isolation and activation. Our primary focus is on developing best-in-class bioprocessing reagents for immuno-oncology and translational medicine applications.

At Quad Technologies, our core tenets are centered around innovation through collaboration and efficiency by biological design.  We are committed to supporting cell and gene therapy manufacturers by delivering an industry-leading cell separation and culture technology, ultimately, increasing yields of healthier cells. Our primary goal is to help deliver breakthrough therapies to the clinic by improving cell therapy products for translational medicine and bioprocesing. Through our collaborative relationships with thought leaders in clinical, pharmaceutical and biological research arenas, we are helping exceptional scientists and engineers deliver advanced therapies for difficult indications such as cancer.

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