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Ray Therapeutics is a late-stage preclinical biotechnology company pioneering next generation optogenetic therapies for vision restoration to individuals with blindness. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Ray Therapeutics recently received a translational grant from CIRM which will accelerate progress towards a clinical trial of RAY-001, an intravitreally-delivered AAV-based gene therapy carrying our proprietary highly sensitive optogenetic transgene. Our preclinical studies have shown best-in-class vision restoration in animal models pointing to potentially transformative vision improvement in patients. The initial indication for our lead product is retinitis pigmentosa, a heterogeneous group of genetic disorders that cause near-or-complete blindness for most patients. No effective treatment is available to restore vision once the retina has degenerated. Unlike current RP gene therapies in development, which are targeted to specific genetic mutations or individuals with remaining photoreceptors that only address a small patient population, RAY-001 is mutation-independent.

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