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ReCode Therapeutics is a genetic medicines company using superior delivery to power the next wave of mRNA and gene correction therapeutics. ReCode’s selective organ targeting (SORT) lipid nanoparticle (LNP) platform is a next-generation genetic medicines technology that enables precise delivery to target organs and cells beyond the liver. Described by Nature as one of the “Seven Technologies to Watch in 2022,” the SORT LNP platform is an innovation beyond the lipid delivery system used by the mRNA COVID vaccines.
ReCode’s SORT LNPs are engineered with a biochemically distinct fifth lipid to help the body “sort” and direct the LNPs to other targeted organs such as the lung and spleen with the ability to bypass the liver, if desired. ReCode’s SORT LNP platform is further distinguished by its versatility in both mode of administration and the diversity of genetic cargo that can be delivered. Together, these qualities offer vast opportunities to address a wide range of unmet medical needs.

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