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Rejuvenate Bio is creating a revolutionary approach to full age reversal.

Approach: Aging is caused by the dysregulation of multiple systems in the body that manifest itself in age related disease. Current solutions focus on each problem individually, ignoring the interconnectedness of the challenge. Rejuvenate Bio utilizes gene therapy, proprietary targets, and the animal health market to bring anti-aging therapies to market in an incredibly capital-efficient manner. With drastically lower regulatory requirements and ever-increasing demand for treatments in animal health, Rejuvenate Bio can drive early revenue and enhance the value of its human programs, both through strong pre-clinical data and long term validation of its overall approach. Rejuvenate Bio’s lead therapy has demonstrated the ability to treat heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes, and obesity in mice and has also shown to be safe and efficacious in dogs. In 2021, Rejuvenate Bio will complete its final clinical trial in animal health before bringing its first product to market. This trial will also act as the final pre-clinical study needed for its first human therapy.

Rejuvenate Bio is based in San Diego and led by founders:
Prof. George Church: Professor, Harvard Medical School; pioneer of genetics and gene editing, the inventor of Next-Gen Sequencing and founder of the Human Genome Project
Dr. Noah Davidsohn: Inventor of Rejuvenate Bio technology, Mammalian synthetic biology expert, PHD @ MIT, & Postdoc – George Church Lab (Harvard)
Daniel Oliver: Co-Founded Voxel8 (Series A – $14M by Arch Ventures), MBA @ Harvard (HBS), Blavatnik Fellow @ HBS

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