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Rescue Hearing Inc (RHI) was established to develop and monetize technology within the field of hearing loss. The company is built on a foundation of combining leading physician / researchers with the latest technologies in gene therapy. RHI’s initial product is a gene therapy (RHI100) which targets a genetic mutation known to cause deafness. RHI’S Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) are world renowned experts in hearing loss science as acknowledged by their peers. All SAB members share a passion for developing therapies and collaborate with scientists across the globe.

SAB facts:

  • Dr. Staecker (Univ of Kansas Med Ctr) is PI and inventor of first gene therapy to restore hearing loss (CGF166).
  • Dr. Liu (Univ of Miami FL) is an expert in the genetic causes of hearing loss.
  • Dr. Chen (Harvard / Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary ) is an expert in CRISPR/CAS9 gene editing.
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