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Ixaka is a leading UK-based cell and gene therapy company with operations in the UK, Spain, and France.  The company is focused on the natural power of the body to cure disease.

Our proprietary technologies enhance the inherent therapeutic power of cells by targeting curative cells to the site of disease and by directly modifying cells within the body to improve their therapeutic action. Ixaka’s technologies – concentrated multi-cell therapies and targeted nano-particles – demonstrate potential for the treatment of a broad range of serious diseases across oncology, cardiovascular, neurological, and ocular diseases, and genetic disorders.

Our lead candidate REX-001 is a highly innovative autologous cell therapy that is being studied in Phase III clinical trials in patients with Chronic Limb Threatening Ischemia (CLTI) with diabetes. CLTI is a poorly treated disease with approx. 25% of patients requiring amputation of the affected limb and the mortality rate of patients diagnosed with CLI is of 20-25% in the first year. The Phase III clinical studies aim to confirm the highly encouraging results seen in three Phase II trials where the majority of patients experienced a significant improvement in their clinical condition following treatment with REX-001.

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