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T-knife is a clinical-stage Biotech company developing T cell receptors (TCRs) for T cell therapy of solid tumors.

The company has a unique technology platform for TCR generation based on human TCR loci transgenic mice with proof-of-concept status.
These transgenic mice carry the entire human TCRαβ gene loci. Upon immunization with human tumor antigens they generate fully human TCRs specific for these targets (similar to the Medarex or Abgenix Ig locus transgenic mouse platform producing fully human antibodies).
Using this platform, T-knife has generated and characterized TCRs for >30 antigens and filed respective IP. A first candidate from the platform, a TCR targeting MAGE-A1, is approaching Phase I/IIa trial using autologous gene-modified T cells in patients with multiple myeloma. A second trial in a solid tumor indication is in preparation.
The company has a large TCR pipeline for starting new preclinical programs, an established GMP manufacturing process TCR-T cells, and business development opportunities for cloned TCRs and the platform.

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