Thrive Bioscience, Inc., founded in 2014 and based in the Boston area, is developing software, databases and instruments to bring analytics and automation (and thus reproducibility) to the important task of cell culture and stem cell culture for drug discovery, research and cell therapeutics.

Thrive’s family of products are based on a common set of proprietary image processing software, analytics, optics and sensors. CellAssist Cell Culture Assistant is a bench-top instrument that will complement the current standard cell culture incubator and will collect data and images and provide reports and advice to the cell culturist and researchers. The Alpaca Cell Culture System is a standalone, closed, robotics-based automated cell culture system, using the same software and optics as CellAssist.

The Company has raised US$17.2 million of financing and has developed a portfolio of 34 patent applications relating to cell culture and stem cell culture in research and manufacturing.

Thrive is seeking collaborators to test and purchase its instruments, distributors for international distribution, employees and investors.

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