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Trizell is a world leader in the research and development of Viral-Based Gene Therapy products. Our state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced scientific team and commitment to work closely with clients every step of the way, have helped us to build an excellent reputation in the gene therapy market. We are authorised under EMA for the production of gene therapy products for clinical and commercial supply.

Trizell’s track record of delivering a tailored service to meet and exceed our clients’ needs goes back two decades, since Professor Seppo Yla Herttuala formed the company back in the mid-1990s. We know that the job we do represents a competitive advantage for our partners.

Importantly, we use our scientific expertise and industry knowledge gained through the development of our own products to help clients take viral-based products from the pre-clinical phase, through clinical trials and to the market.

We offer services across a wide range of viral-based product types, including Adenoviral, AAV, and Lentiviral-based vectors. From our cutting-edge fully-licensed GMP manufacturing facility in Finland, we have built an extensive pipeline of gene therapy products and technologies for our clients.

Trizell is unique, having own proprietary platform for Adenovirus and Lentivirus-based products for production in adherent or suspension culture. We have established a scalable serum-free suspension culture-based manufacturing process platform for adenoviruses (ATOSUS) that has been seen by regulatory authorities and used for clinical supply. In addition, we have a scalable serum-free suspension-based platform for production of lentiviruses, which is being optimized for GMP use. We are currently validating our commercial scale process, and we continue to develop our own products.

The team at Trizell is passionate about delivering excellence for our clients, and we look forward to working with new and existing partners in the years to come.

Company History
Trizell (formerly FinVector) was originally known as Ark Therapeutics which was established in the mid 1990’s by Professor Seppo Ylä-Herttuala.

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