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The goal of the Sue and Bill Gross Hall Stem Cell Research Center Core Facility is four-fold:

  1. to train new researchers through a number of techniques Courses put on each year,
  2. to provide state-of-the-art tissue culture facilities for campus researchers interested in doing stem cell research,
  3. to provide equipment usage to the building and campus community, such as an LSM510 confocal 2-photon microscope and BD Aria fluorescence-activated cell sorter, and
  4. to test new technologies and products and bring them to our researchers to enhance their work methodologies.

A key component of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center will be the Stem Cell Core Facility. This facility (the “Core”) provides stem cell technology and resources to the UCI, Orange County and Southern California research communities.

By merging technical and scientific expertise in a number of essential disciplines – including developmental and molecular genetics, cell culture and cell sorting, imaging, high-throughput platforms, and bioinformatics – the Core harbors a diverse toolkit for the exploration of multiple aspects of stem cell biology.

The Core also provides a knowledge base for differentiating, genetically modifying and assaying human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) in support of multiple stem cell projects on-campus and in the surrounding area. Chief among these is our dedication to training the next generation of stem cell culturists, including those who will go out into the research community and instruct other scientists.
Thus, services imbedded within UCI’s Core will facilitate the translation of emerging stem cell technologies towards basic explorations of stem cell biology and, ultimately, therapy development.

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