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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis was founded by 3 members of the 2005 Washington Rally Steering Committee – Betheny Winkler, Susan Maus, and Marilyn Smith.  All 3 women have a personal stake in the Unite 2 Fight Paralysis mission.  Sue & Betheny both have disabling quadriplegic injuries, while Marilyn’s oldest son is also a quadriplegic.

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is a passionate, volunteer-based, community-driven organization.  Since its founding, U2FPhas expanded its Leadership Team and outreach activities (see Accomplishments).  We are dedicated to the realization of curative therapies in our lifetimes, and to achieve this goal will present a united & consistent message to government, industry, science, the media and the general public:

Paralysis is a progressive and extremely burdensome condition.  Curative therapies are within our reach.  We must accelerate progress by becoming more vocal and visible as a community, supporting our scientists, investors, and peers who are dedicated to this cause.

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