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The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (ARM) is a community of companies, patient groups, research institutions and investors dedicated to advancing the field of regenerative medicine. Participation in ARM will help your organization advocate for effective policies to support regenerative medicine and to connect with key partners and potential investors committed to the sector. 

2018 Member Dues Schedule


Opportunities to advocate for policies that improve patients’ lives by
supporting continued development of regenerative medicine

  • Meet with congressional leaders and key officials from FDA, CMS, NIH and other agencies to advance policies that support regenerative medicine in dialogue with FDA, CMS and other agencies to develop an optimal regulatory pathway, a reimbursement framework, and other policies
  • Participate in efforts to establish regulatory standards and best practices
  • Educate policymakers, the media and the general public about the benefits of regenerative medicine
  • Participate in industry-sponsored events to raise the profile of regenerative medicine with the media and investor community

Access to -- and regular interaction with -- leading companies, researchers,
scientists and investors in regenerative medicine

  • Network with peers in the regenerative medicine community to explore new business opportunities
  • Access to developers of drug discovery technologies using stem-cell derived assays, including iPS cells and other new, more predictive disease models
  • Access to a global network of pharmaceutical companies and other prospective partners, investors, research foundations and other potential sources of capital
  • Monitor developments in regenerative medicine