Media Resources

Members of the media:

For all media inquiries, please contact ARM's Senior Director of Communications Lyndsey Scull at

Using the ARM logo:

Please adhere to these guidelines when using ARM’s logo:

  • You must obtain written / electronic approval from ARM in order to use our logo on your materials.  Please contact Lyndsey Scull at to request approval.

  • You may change the logo's size as needed, but please make no additional edits.

  • We want to ensure the logo can be clearly and easily read – please do not use the logo in a size smaller than .25 inches H x 1 inch W.

  • When placing the logo near other elements on the page, the ARM logo must have a minimum surrounding border equal to the size of the letter “I” in ALLIANCE:


You may access the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s logo below – available in different colors and file formats.

Please right-click on the desired file to save the image to your computer.

Full Color - 
White Background

[.jpg]   [.png]   [.eps]

Black - 
White Background

[.jpg]   [.png]   [.eps]

Gray - 
White Background

[.jpg]   [.png]   [.eps]

White - 
Transparent Background

[.png]  [.eps]

If you're not sure which file type to download, here's a quick primer:

  • .jpg files - Small in size, these files are widely compatible with many platforms and types of documents, good for displaying the image online.

  • .png files - Also small in size, these files display text and sharp edges very clearly, but this file type is not as widely compatible as a .jpg file.  These files can have a transparent background and therefore display well on non-white backgrounds.

  • .eps files - These files are easily scalable and will maintain high levels of detail, best for materials that will be printed. These files can only be opened by design software, or can be dragged onto a Word document to display.

Questions about which logo to use? Please feel free to contact Lyndsey Scull at