Technology Sections

The three technology sections within the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine were established to ensure that the three major technology constituencies within ARM, are identified and recognized as primary voices within the organization. The sections provide key representation within ARM’s governance and a means of ensuring that the various ARM standing committees are addressing their key concerns and priorities. 

Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Section (TEBS)

CO-CHAIRS: Steve Kennedy, Chief Technology Officer, Histogenics, Jason Wertheim, Assistant Professor of Surgery - Organ Transplantation, Northwestern University Comprehensive Transplant Center; Jeff Ross, Ph.D., CEO, Miromatrix 

The Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials Section has been established to organize the companies and institutions developing tissue engineered and biomaterial-based regenerative medicine products. The primary purpose of the TEBS is to accelerate the commercialization of these novel regenerative medicine products by identifying the unique requirements (regulatory, reimbursement and policy) facing the tissue engineering and biomaterials subgroup of the regenerative medicine field and work with the other ARM committees to make sure they are addressed in the context of our broader advocacy, education and communications agenda.  For more information, including a schedule of upcoming meetings and materials from past meetings please click here.  

Gene Therapy and Gene-modified Cell Therapy Section (GTS)

CO-CHAIRS: CO-CHAIRS: Alison Finger, SVP, Marketing, bluebird bio; Bill Lunderberg, Chief Scientific Officer, CRISPR Therapeutics

The Gene Therapy and Gene-modified Cell Therapy Section organizes the companies and institutions developing these advanced therapy products.  Similar to the purpose of the TEBS, the GTS will focus on accelerating the commercialization of these types of products.  The GTS has recently identified and outlined the most important issues facing this sub-section of regenerative medicine.  

Cell Therapy Section (CTS)

CO-CHAIRS: David Smith, Head, LBS Clinical Services, Lonza; Eduardo Bravo, CEO, TiGenix; Katherine Tsokas, Regulatory Head of Regnerative Medicine, Janssen

The Cell Therapy Section provides companies developing autologous and allogeneic cell therapy products with an opportunity to discuss and prioritize issues relevant to their advocacy and product development agendas. The section includes companies and institutions  working with a variety of cell sources and seeks to identify common challenges and opportunities.