Regenerative Medicine Annual Report Highlights Growth and Promise of Sector, Calls for National Strategy

– April 18, 2013

WASHINGTON, April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The Regenerative Medicine Annual Report, released today at the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s (ARM) first annual Regen Med Investor Day, provides an overview of the tremendous growth and progress in the regenerative medicine (RM) sector during the past year. The 70-page report includes in-depth information on RM products currently available, details on late stage clinical trials and financial information such as fundraisings and market performance. The Report also outlines the elements of a US national strategy to support this sector.

With more than 100 RM products on the market, and an estimated 2,500 ongoing clinical trials worldwide, the field is making a significant impact on the treatment of chronic and life threatening diseases. Products currently available or in clinical development encompass diverse therapeutic areas such as oncology, cardiovascular and ocular diseases, wound healing, autoimmune disorders and spinal cord injuries. There are now more than 700 companies worldwide with a RM focus, ranging from divisions of multinational corporations to small organizations. Revenue from RM products on the market in 2012 exceeded $1billion and more than another $1 billion in combined public and private funding was invested into the sector.

“Unlike many therapeutics currently available that are designed to address symptoms of disease or delay disease progression, RM products have the potential to cure or significantly change the course of disease, ” said Geoff MacKay, Chairman of ARM and President and CEO of Organogenesis Inc. “We are thrilled with the progress that has been made in the field and are dedicated to continuing our work with regulatory agencies, policy makers and payers to further define strategies to streamline and support the commercialization of additional RM products.”

The second Regenerative Medicine Annual Report is available online at and in a limited print edition. Below are highlights of the report:

   — An overview of the broad array of disciplines in the field including cell 
      therapies, gene therapies, biologics and small molecules, tissue 
      engineering, stem cells for drug discovery, toxicity testing and disease 
      modeling, and biobanking. 

   — Information on the potential economic impact of RM in the United States. 

   — A financial overview of investment activity and market performance for 
      the field. 

   — Eleven disease overviews that highlight progress of RM in developing 
      treatments for diseases that include cardiovascular disease, non-healing 
      wounds, vascular disease, spinal cord injury, Alzheimer’s disease, 
      Parkinson’s disease, musculoskeletal conditions, autoimmune disorders, 
      stroke, diabetes and ocular diseases. 

   — Clinical milestones, financial news and commercial deals taking place 
      during the last year. 

   — The elements of a national strategy, including regulatory, reimbursement 
      and funding initiatives to support advances in regenerative medicine. 

“While significant clinical progress has been made in progressing life-changing regenerative medicine therapies toward commercialization, there are still many regulatory, reimbursement and financial challenges to address before the field can reach its full potential,” said Michael Werner, Executive Director of ARM. “Many countries have national programs in place for regenerative medicine, and it is critical that the United States develops a national strategy to support our U.S-based, life science-focused public and private companies and research institutions.”

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