ARM Responds to EU Pharmaceutical Strategy

November 25, 2020

Washington, DC

The EU Pharmaceutical Strategy recognizes cell and gene therapies as ‘major milestones’ of progress in healthcare, which can durably treat or even cure the most challenging diseases. We are reviewing today’s strategy document in detail and believe that innovative regulatory and payment policies are crucial to ensuring patient access to these transformative therapies. We look forward to engaging with the European Commission and other stakeholders to develop a conducive, holistic environment for advanced therapies and the life-changing benefits they bring to patients.

ARM Statement on the Trump Administration's Interim Final Rule on Drug Pricing

November 20, 2020

Washington, DC

Cell, gene, and tissue-based therapies are the future of medicine, with the potential to durably treat or even cure the most challenging diseases. The administration’s ‘Most Favored Nation’ Interim Final Rule could threaten innovation in regenerative medicine. If the administration is concerned about clinical outcomes and high expenditures, policymakers should embrace innovative payment models, including outcomes-based agreements that reward scientific investment when therapies work and patients’ conditions improve.

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Announces Record Sector Financing in 2020

November 19, 2020

Washington, DC

The Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Announces Election of 2021 Officers, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors

October 21, 2020

Washington, DC

The Executive Committee and Board of Directors oversee the formation and execution of ARM’s strategic priorities and focus areas over the coming year. The committee and board are subject to an annual re-election or rotation process, with nominations and approval by the ARM membership and current Board.